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Sports Data Visualization by Ryan Sleeper.

2012 MLB Cost Per Win

The MLB Cost Per Win Standings provide a gauge of how well teams in Major League Baseball would do if competitive balance were restored with the implementation of a salary cap. The standings are created by taking the 2012 MLB Opening Day payrolls by team and dividing by each team’s current number of wins.

The 2012 MLB Cost Per Win Standings are updated every Monday morning. Take a look to see where your team stands. You can also click a team name for details and change the date slider to see how they’ve progressed throughout the season.

Final 2012 MLB Cost Per Win Standings

For the latest on the 2012 MLB Cost Per Win standings, including updates and key insights from the previous week, follow @OSMGuyon Twitter.

Ryan Sleeper+, Online Sports Marketing Guy

  1. August 11, 2012


    This is interesting. I would like to see the average cost per win based on the expected number of wins in the season. For example, the Pirates currently have a win percentage of 0.5625. This means they are expected to win 91 (91.125) games during the season. So divide $63.432 Million by 91.125 to get $696,099 per win.

  2. September 18, 2013


    Any plans to create a 2013 version?

    • September 22, 2013

      OSM Guy

      Hello and thank you for the interest. Yes – I’m currently developing a new and improved version of the cost per win standings that will be published the day after the regular season ends.

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