Sports Data Visualization by Ryan Sleeper.
  1. Social Media How-To: Competitive Analysis

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    Competitive analysis is one of the most difficult components of marketing due to the private nature of corporate data. How do you understand what is or isn’t working for your competitors before you try something similar yourself? Without private access to their reporting, you probably don’t. Many times, even creating simple industry benchmarks are nearly impossible because of inconsistent KPI definitions and inaccurate surveying. Google Analytics used to provide some great, industry-specific benchmarking reports, but the program was abandoned, leaving marketers with few reliable numbers to build strategies from.

    In our first in a series of social media how-tos, we share a couple of social media measurement tools that will simplify your competitive analysis and provide insights that can be used to improve your own social media marketing efforts....
  2. NFL Payrolls Per Win 2008-2012 [Visualization]

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    The NFL payrolls per win, salaries per win, cost per win – however you think about it – is a simple calculation to determine how efficient each of the 32 NFL GM’s are at getting the best bang for their buck. This is the last season that these numbers will be particularly interesting because next year, all teams will be required to spend at least 90% of the salary cap (which will prevent outliers like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs from spending much less than the NFL average).

    NFL salaries and cap space are not always straightforward calculations as teams can manipulate these, and in some cases, are paying for former GMs, etc. I have trusted USA Today, the NFL, and salary cap space vs. salary calculations to provide the most reasonable NFL cost per win numbers as possible.

    This year, we have made the NFL payrolls per win data fully interactive. To use (1) Select a season from 2008-2012 at the top and (2) Click a team name once to see five year trends and their performance to NFL benchmarks.

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